Travel back in time on an historical and luxurious train to live another amazing erotic role play experience!

Wien, May 1913

"Winds of war cross Europe so much that the Emperor of Austria and the Royal Family have to fear for their lives. Some members of the government and the Hapsburg aristocracy will be together with spies and busty mistresses on a steam train bound for Prague ...

...they don't know it yet, but that night will change history forever!"

The Imperial train is ready to give you the most unique of nights.

Prepare yourself for a travel through time that will take you into the past, in the company of powerful aristocrats and perverse men of power into a hunt for the killer that will take you through the heart of Old Europe, from the Hapsburg Wien to the exoteric Prague.

Open Bar | JAZZ LIVE MUSIC | "Unmask the Assassin" Erotic Game


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